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> GTI - the 2013/14 off-season
post Oct 14 2013, 12:26 PM
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Well I've gotten fully engrossed in trackday fever, and while I'm probably looking at 2015 before I can really dedicate the GTI to track work as a second vehicle, I'm definitely looking forward to running it in 2014 at more events and getting it quicker and more capable on the track.

First NASA trackday of 2014 should be early May, so I'm looking to get some things done before then:

1) Some maintenance issues up first, including my normal seasonal MTF change, replacing my leaking left-rear shock, and trying to address some fueling issues I seem to be having (mileage has come down about 3-4 MPG across the board, starting to get occasional fuel smells in the car on cold starts, and the idle has taken to occasional dips in RPM). Potential avenues to explore there are fuel delivery (filters/pump screen/fuel pump/associate electronics), an exhaust leak upstream of the O2 sensor and/or a failing O2 sensor, or maybe even a camshaft position sensor giving bad info. to the fuel system (basically when the CPS gives bad or no data to the engine management, the car cuts fuel to reduce fire risk in an accident.)

2) Brakes! TT fronts, 11" euro rears, completing my SS lines with ECS's new rear lines, Ferodo DS2500s, and maybe some sort of cooling duct arrangement if I could figure that one out. Some form of caliper refresh is also in order, at least to grease and maintain the pins and perhaps refresh some seals.

3) Sway bars. Looking at 22 mm front/28 mm rears with some form of adjustability for fine-tuning purposes.

4) Power. DV, chip, exhaust, intake/turbo hoses, larger SMIC...probably won't do ALL those things by May, but want to get something going. Will be sure to get a baseline dyno run before I start so I can see what I gain.

And somewhere in there, there are some cosmetic things I would like to address. My front headlights have succumbed to the yellowing and fogging of age...a couple attempts with some polishing and what not has helped but I'd rather replace them, so I think I will pull the original polycarbonate lenses off, do a joey mod (paint the background of the headlights black) and put on new glass lenses. Will match that blacked out look with some new side markers and side turn indicators. Also looking into getting the minor cosmetic damage on my rear bumper repaired, and try to give the whole car a thorough detailing too. Been pondering replacing the lower front black plastic grills with a black metal mesh as well, perhaps something that will allow me to run my tow hook all the time?

So I guess this thread will become my little catch-all for what I do between now and the spring on the GTI. Gonna start with a weekend at my friend's in a couple weeks doing the maintenance and some fueling diagnostics and see where it leads me!
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post Nov 27 2013, 12:09 PM
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I get an average of 28-30 MPG out of mine currently (goes up a bit in the summer) and as soon as I can I am fitting the draft 42s as I hear they tighten the throw up quite nicely. At the moment I am torn between throwng a bit of money at the Leon (exhaust, FMIC, springs and dampers) or just selling up and putting a deposit down and financing something more serious.
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